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The countryside is filled with cacao trees making Baracoa the nation's leading chocolate manufacturer. Bayamo is known as Cuba's 'National Monument City' and birthplace of Cuban independence. Camaguey is designated a UNESCO Cultural Heritage Site for it's historical churches and colonial buildings. Connected to mainland Cuba by an 11 mile bridge Cayo Coco is famous for its luxury all inclusive resorts. Called the 'city of tinajones' (earthenware jars) that dot the landscape, Cienfuegos is known for its old cathedrals and narrow twisting streets. Home to the most beautiful beach in Cuba, Guadalavaca is a scuba divers paradise due to the expansive coral reef just offshore. A city frozen in time since 1959, Havana is known for its white sand beaches, music and classic cars that dominate the streets. Holguin is the archaeological capital of Cuba and home to thousands of animal species. Pinar Del Rio's beautiful Viñales Valley is where the world's most exquisite tobacco is nurtured. Santa Clara is home to the famous medicinal mineral waters of Elguera. Santiago De Cuba is renowned for its colorful vibrant carnivals and warm friendly people. Trinidad is a city of exotic culture and the largest collection of flora and fauna in the Caribbean. Varadero is known for 13 miles of white sand beaches and water temperature of 75 degrees.