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To Travel To Cuba

Humanitarian Projects and Projects to Support the Cuban People

Organizations may request a specific license for humanitarian projects and projects to support the Cuban people that allow individuals to travel to Cuba under the auspices of that license, without the individuals' having to apply for a specific license on their own.

Individuals may also request a specific license on their own for these activities.

Specific licenses may be requested for: (1) certain humanitarian projects in or related to Cuba that are designed to directly benefit the Cuban people; or (2) projects intended to provide support for the Cuban people, such as activities of individuals and non-governmental organizations that promote independent activity intended to strengthen civil society in Cuba.

Licenses for humanitarian projects may be requested for multiple trips over an extended period of time by applicants demonstrating a significant record of overseas humanitarian projects.

To obtain a specific license, application must be made to OFAC.

For more information, see the official U.S. regulations regarding travel to Cuba (the Cuban Assets Control Regulations — 31 C.F.R. Part 515), available at

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