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"Thank you CubaATI, for connecting me to my heritage. What started as a simple trip to visit family, evolved into a life changing journey. As many young adults of Cuban Heritage, our Cuban identity has been shaped by our love for magnificent Cuban recipes, Cuban music and the millions of stories our parents shared about their childhoods. For each of those stories, there is a visual missing. I have never seen the hospital where my sister was born or the church where my parents were married so in my heart and in my mind the stories were not complete.

The trip was arranged in the simplest of ways, a few calls to CubaATI, a signed affidavit document, and with the help of the CubaATI professionals my itinerary was perfectly executed with excellent attention to detail and all the conveniences needed to make this trip magnificent. I connected with my family and Cuban heritage in a very special way and found the missing parts of many of those stories I grew up hearing over and over again.

On the second day of my trip in Cuba, I emailed home with details already planning my next trip with my husband and 3 children for late fall. I can still taste the world's best espresso I had across the Cathedral in Havana, smell the roasted coffee, hear the live music and watch the 2nd graders play during recess in the Plaza. For my next visit to see family, I plan on working on my genealogy tree (many churches were able to give me copies of birth certificates). We will also attend a few music venues including the Tropicana. My children are eager to go to La Casa del Chocolate where real local fresh cacao is processed to mouth watering treats.

I strongly recommend anyone planning a trip to Cuba to book with CubaATI. Knowing such a strong travel organization was within a call away, took any concerns off my mind."


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